Freshly Prepared Liberian Food Shipped Worldwide !!

ALERT! PLEASE READ... During the summer months (July through September), we have decided to commit to only shipping perishable products overnight. We have come to this decision based on the fact that it alleviates the potential for any thaw, and communicates to our customers that we take the quality of their order seriously. Please choose your shipping option wisely. THANKS!

Shipping Policy

Shipping Fees:

LIBFOOD, LLC is a American company and works closely with FEDEX.COM to ship within America and some international countries. FEDEX shipping is based upon size & cost. LIBFood shipping fees include shipping, handling and insurance for our perishable goods. When an order is placed, we work with FEDEX to calculate your exact shipping costs. However regardless of the the cost LIBFOOD only charges a flat rate, so there will be no surprises.


LIBFOOD promises 1-3 business day delivery from the time of your purchase.

For more questions related to Shipping & Delivery, visit our FAQ.